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Preparing your Home for Sale
You never get a second chance to make a first impression. These timeless words of wisdom are especially true when it comes to selling a home. The potential buyer's first impression can make a difference of thousands of dollars in sales price, and can affect how long your property will be on the market. This is why preparing your home for sale is so important.

Use these tips as a start

Inside the House
Remove clutter!! Pack up and remove anything not currently in use. If possible, rent a storage facility and move unused furniture, boxes, toys, extra small appliances and kitchen utensils, out-of-season clothing and shoes out of the house. This is especially important in closets, to show off the storage space available in your home!
* Kitchen: Empty counters of clutter, and make sure appliances such as the stove, refrigerator and dishwasher are wiped clean.
* Bathrooms: Replace shower curtain, Clean to remove soap and water residue; keep countertops cleared off and clean. Place out scented soap and fresh towels.
* Family and Living Rooms: Make these rooms as spacious and airy as possible. Remove extra pictures, pack away collections, etc. You want the buyer to be able to visualize it with their belongings in place, and to think of it as possibly being their home.
* Carpets: Do they need to be replaced? If not, steam cleaned and deodorize.
* Lighting: Increase wattage in all fixtures if possible. A well lit home appears larger.
* General: Keep beds made, and rooms picked-up. Use air fresheners sparingly! If you have pets, find a way to contain or remove them while the house is being shown.

Outside the House
* Yard: Remove all trash from the property. Be sure to maintain the yard by mowing, weeding and trimming shrubs.
* Garage and Driveway: Remove clutter!! Clean up the garage storage areas and workbench.
* General: Paint as needed. Purchase a new doormat. Paint, varnish or simply replace the front doors.

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